What is Wave Engineering?

Wave Engineering is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to invent, design, build, maintain, research, and improve underwater structures, materials, and processes to produce high quality surfing waves.

The Concept

This project aims to provide surfers with new surfing locations through the creation of surf breaks made by carving, sculpting, shaping, growing, filling, and contouring an under-performing are of seabed into one that produces what many surfers would want to visit.  This will be accomplished by developing sustainable techniques for manipulating the seabed.

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What are we looking for?

Our goal is to create a support network that shares our desire to change the world and leave a legacy that extends beyond the capacity of any individual surfer to impact the core definition of today’s perception of riding a wave. We have established an Indiegogo account for people who are interested in helping us continue to conduct the research needed to achieve our goals and create more waves for everyone to enjoy.

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  • The objective of the project is to develop and create new breaks from the existing seabed.- Objectives
  • Utilizing a proprietary database of over 40 world-class surfing breaks that includes seabed morphology, wave peel angles, and wave breaking intensities.- Types of Design
  • This concept aims to create an entirely new set of technologies and redefine the current possibilities of wave formation.- Returns
  • This concept have the potential to reset the frontier of surf exploration.- Final Thoughts
  • We have a unsurpassable understanding of surf science, technology, and surfing resource management to bring this concept to fruition. The team behind this initiative are uniquely qualified and have a desire to improve the future course of surfing to make it more enjoyable for everyone.- Final Thoughts