Wave Engineering is the Next Generation of Surf Exploration

Posted on October 9, 2019

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Anthony Marcotti

Wave Engineering is the Next Generation of Surf Exploration

San Clemente, California (October 9, 2019) – There are too many surfers and not enough quality waves. Dr. Shaw Mead and Ed Atkin from New Zealand and Anthony Marcotti from the United States have launched an ambitious program called the World Wave Project to help address this issue.

The World Wave Project’s goal is to create new surf breaks. These breaks will range from beginner’s waves through to high performance surf breaks that are comparable to world-class waves in world class locations. This will be achieved by selecting a location that has clean consistent swell and favorable winds but an unfavorable seabed for good surfing conditions. The site will be enhanced by altering the profile, depth, angle, and orientation of the sea floor to form a surf break.

“There are a lot of great waves in the world but there should be more.” explains Anthony Marcotti from the World Wave Project. “This project is based on the hypothesis that the best waves in the world have not been discovered yet and that we have the ability to design them. We want the public’s help to identify surf break candidates and together we can responsibly create new surfing experiences that everyone can enjoy. This is the next generation of surf exploration.” 

Over the past 20 years the concept of creating new surfing waves has been proven with the construction of artificial surfing reefs.  However, in almost every case the success has been short lived due to the difficulty of building structures in the surf zone that are stable enough to maintain the design shape for extended periods.  World Wave Project have approached these obstacles from a different direction, removing material from the seabed itself, rather than trying to add material which is unlikely to maintain the configuration it was designed to be. 

Through strategic planning, surf science, environmentally friendly construction techniques, and local government support we will transform a section of coastline to harness the existing wave energy prior at the optimum angle and intensity to maximize its value for surfing. 

The concept in its simplest form is wave engineering. 

Learn more about the World Wave Project at www.worldwaveproject.com

About Dr. Shaw Mead
Dr Mead is currently an environmental scientist and managing director at eCoast Marine Consulting and Research in Raglan, New Zealand.  Shaw’s background in coastal oceanography and marine ecology, specializing in numerical modeling, coastal processes, erosion control, coastal amenity enhancement and ecological assessment, allows him to effectively bridge the multi-disciplinary gap between physical processes and marine ecological impacts.. Shaw has worked as an environmental consultant for over 25 years in New Zealand and worldwide, and regularly works internationally, having published 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals many of which focus on surf science, and jointly produced over 350 technical reports pertaining to a wide range of marine developments.   These days his consulting expertise has him spending a great deal of time in Fiji; he works all around the South Pacific islands on climate change resilience and adaptation projects.

About Anthony Marcotti
Anthony Marcotti’s background is in tourism and development. His primary focus has been on operating surfing trips in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia where he was a founder, partner, booking, and marketing manager in one of the most successful surf resorts in the world, Kandui Resort. From 2005 to 2012 he was also the sole booking agent and marketing manager for Martin Daly’s Indies Trader fleet. Prior to that he operated his own surf charter operation in the Mentawai Islands called Saraina Koat Mentawai where he oversaw six boats. In the past 20  years he has surfed and explored every part of Indonesia and has sent over 13,000 people on surf trips of their own to this area. His lifelong passion is the pursuit of perfect waves.

About Ed Atkin, M.Sc.
Ed’s core background is in coastal processes and oceanography, specializing in surf science, surfing resource management, multipurpose reefs, field data collection and numerical modelling. His current roles include director and senior consultant at eCoast Marine Consulting and Research, also leading the eCoast fieldwork team; co-chair of the International Association of Surfing Research, trustee to the New Zealand Association for Surfing Research, technical advisor to a number of NGO’s concerned with surf break preservation, and a PhD Candidate at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Ed has been a surfer for over 20 years and involved with surf science since 2005. Surfing was a driving force for many of his travels, witnessing different cultures but a swath of different wave types. As a surf scientist there is a continual desire to understand how and why each wave breaks in the way it does. This experience combined with the technical training he has received and a decade of professional development consulting to a wide range of clients buts him in an ideal position to explore the possibilities of surf break creation. Ed has completed technical reports and research projects across a wide range of disciplines and has worked extensively across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and been a part research teams, worldwide. and uses his understanding of coastal processes in investigations that address wave breaking quality changes.