Call for Submissions: Lawai Bay, Kauai

Posted on October 15, 2019

Lawai Bay, More commonly known as Allertons. This beach is the most exciting for me to be fixed. The way it is situated the trade winds blow over the bluff, then down the valley and straight offshore. The sandbar is the perfect distance from shore, but it is always close out barrels. If there was only a way that the incoming swells could bank off one side of the bay or the other to cause some refraction and some awesome wedge action. There is some wedging off of the east side of the bay, but it happens way to close to shore so only tiny waves have a wedge in them. This beach could be world class if only the swell lines were broken up as the come in..

Latitude: 21 53’18.5″ N
Longitude 159 30′ 04.94″ W

Submitted by Kevin K.