Call for Submissions: The Strand – Oceanside, California

Posted on October 29, 2019

This is an area of Oceanside that is called “the strand”. The last several el Ninos have eroded the section of beach significantly and the ocean now pounds directly against a rock wall. There is currently a campaign led by an individual to gain support to put up groins to retain sand. 

I am an Ocean Engineer for Scripps Institution of Oceanography with a wave mechanics, hydro, and marine construction background and I feel that approach is extremely short sighted. 

More appropriate would be a series artificial reefs that could aid in the capture of longshore sand transport as well as glean the wave energy in a more orderly manner than a shore pound closeout. The local government would be open to the idea since they are very growth and tourism friendly. Oceanside has experienced significant growth over the past decade and there are a number of large resorts currently being built walking distance from the site. The winds are generally favorable and the site has a generous swell window to the S, SW, W, and NW. Although it may not get as large during winter swells as Southern San Diego, the site normally enjoys much cleaner conditions during those events.

I am encouraged to hear that you guys took it upon yourselves to kick this project off. I think wave pools, while nifty, will never match the power of a wave generated by 1000 miles of fetch. I would really love to contribute in any way I can. Please let me know how I can help in your current and future phases. I think you might find me a useful contributor due to my current position as well as background

Latitude: 33.186371
Longitude -117.378235

Submitted by Martin R.