Images of PO2


Sykes, H. R., 2021.   Assessment of Marine Resources: Stage 1 for World Wave Project, Qamea and Taveuni Islands, Fiji.  Prepared for the WWP, September 2021.

P02 – Selected “The entire reef is indicative of very high wave and swell impact, with small low corals offering very little shelter for marine life such as fishes and motile invertebrates.” (Skyes, 2021).  Works restricted to <4 m deep.

Coral classified from the reef top to 20 m deep:

  • Reef top usually exposed at low tide
  • 5 m deep = 30% live coral;
  • 8 m deep = 15% live coral;
  • 10 m deep = 5% live coral
  • 15 m deep = dead coral rock <% live coral
  • 20 m deep = sand.

P02_01051 – looking from the east
P02_04651 – looking from the east, can see the remnant bank/island on left hand of image
P02_05401 – adjacent to bowl
P02_06301 – adjacent to bowl
P02_07501 – adjacent to bowl looking south east
P02_01351 – looking south – P02 centre of image
P02_00001 – looking south
P02_08851 – birdseye
P02_00151 – birdseye