Project Budget

Pilot Project – Preliminary Costing

Pilot Project – Preliminary ChecklistEstimated Cost (USD)
Regional Assessment$12K – $15K
Desktop Investigation$30K – $36K
Field Investigations$85K – $102K (plus expenses)
Design$30K – $36K
Physical Modeling$40K – $48K (excl. facility)
EIA Application$10K – $12K
Steering Group Meetings$12K – $16K
Design Facility$150K – $180K (start-up)
Project Management Admin$50K – $75K
Preliminary Checklist Totals$419K – $520K

Pilot Project – Construction Investigation

Pilot Project – Construction ChecklistEstimated Cost (USD)
Literature and Data Review$30K – $36K
Site Visits$30K – $36K
In Situ Trials$200K – $500K (plus expenses)
Steering Group Meetings$25K – $30K
Construction Investigations Totals$285K – $602K

Construction costs will varying for each location, although likely be orders of magnitude lower than construction of entire multi-purpose reefs or wave pools, and have none of the associated running and maintenance costs (e.g. marine structures usually require 2-4% of the capital cost per annum to maintain).

Construction costs can also be staged depending on the scale of the break.

Pilot Project – Total Estimated Costs

Project CategoriesEstimated Cost (USD)
Preliminary Checklist Totals$419K – $520K
Construction Investigation Totals$285K – $602K
Project Totals$704K – $1.122M (plus expenses)